Celebrating 35 Years in Business


This is a polyisobutylene (PIB) self amalgamating tape which fuses into a solid mass and protects against ozone, water sunlight and corrosion. It is designed for insulating jonts and terminations of high voltage cables but can also be used for repairing leaking plumbing joints, water pipes and garden hoses.
It also has many applications in leisure activities and for emergency use on radiator / engine hoses.
19,25,38 & 50mm x 10M. 0.5 & .75 mm thickness.
Operating temperatures -30 to 100 deg C


Ambassador Tapes celebrated 30 years in business on 19th March 2012. The company was started by the late Brian Noble during the recession of 1982, following a distinguished career in BICC (British Insulated Calenders Cables). The company started...
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